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Welcome to the extraordinary – a restaurant from Louis Gigante, so new and different it will stir your soul. The delicious and artistic display of culinary mastery is only matched by the classic contemporary decor of the space. The manhattan-like vibe, coupled with feel-good music, sets the tone for a most memorable dining experience. Enjoy the freshest Italian, Mediterranean inspired cuisine or a signature cocktail at the magnificent illuminated bar. Gigante is truly a dining experience like no other.

Vibrant Ambience | Casual Fine-Dining


Gigante is an Italian-American restaurant created by Louis Gigante Senior & Junior. The restaurant pays homage to the essence of the great Italian-American restaurants of mid-20th century in New York, where delicious, exceptionally well-prepared food was served in settings that were simultaneously elegant, comfortable and decadent. The food nods to that same history, but take its culinary cues from the great talents and techniques of the present and of the future. Familiar dishes like Tagliarini, Berkshire Pork Chop, Chicken Scarpariello and Spanish Octopus elevated to a new level.


Louis Gigante & Louis Gigante, Jr

Restauranteurs who grew up in New York. They have been establishing distinctive restaurants for over 30 years.They are dedicated to providing their guests with a distinguished dining experience. Great atmosphere, warm hospitality and quality is what makes their restaurants so beloved.

Thomas Caridi

General Manager

Samuel Kim

Chef De Cuisine

Stephen Collucci

Pastry Chef